Basic Japan tracking on the English language web

  1. Living in a country other than Japan and keeping track of Japan is not easy. Thankfully, the internet makes collecting information much easier now than it used to be a decade ago, when I used to be a student. This is a small guide to keep track of basic events and trends in Japan.


  1. Hopefully, I will keep updating this page over the years. If you know a great website on Japan, let me know through the comments, I might add it to the list. 
  2. I use Feedly to get most of the following delivered to me.


I have been reading Tofugu for a long long time. To quote Tofugu’s About page:

Tofugu is a wonky Japanese language and culture blog. We write about Japanese topics we’re passionate about, so hopefully you like the same things we like. We also write about our travels in Japan, do reviews on products, write guides to help you with Japanese, and make videos too.

The articles in Tofugu are detailed, well researched and fun to read. The comments section also has a vibrant community.

Japan section of The Guardian

A lot of newspapers in the world have a Japan section. The Guardian, in my opinion does a good job in aggregating what’s important and worthwhile. To know about Japan’s “now”, this is probably the best English language resource.

GaijinPot blog

GaijinPot has everything from how-tos, event informations, culture related articles etc. It is a good window to the “gaijin” community in Japan.

Top tracks (Japan) on YouTube

I recently realised I have not been keeping up with the music scene in Japan, like I used to do a few years ago. I find this YouTube playlist a great way to keep myself updated! The playlist can, however, include some non-Japanese tracks which are popular in Japan too.


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