So I suddenly felt that I should write my travel blog posts before I completely forget the details of the trips.
This was a weekend trip way back in November 2011, with friends from Hyderabad.
Although most tourists visit the temple town of Srisailam for the temples, me and my friends were more interested in the natural beauty of the place.
We reached Srisailam by bus. Although it’s not more than 4 hours by road, the bus took all night and reached early in the morning. That’s because the driver (like the drivers of all the other buses) stopped the bus and slept for a few hours! It was hilarious when we found that out!

I remember very little about the names of the places and the sequence of events of the trip. All I remember is that  there was

i) one hell of a jeep ride:

ii) a beautiful valley of rocks and trees and streams:

iii) a picturesque rope-way/cable car ride:

iv) and the beautiful Krishna river meandering through the green hills:

I guess I need to revisit Srisailam to refresh my memories!


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