Nagarjuna Sagar – Weekend Getaway from Hyderabad

At just 150 kms from Hyderabad, Nagarjun Sagar is the ideal weekend getaway and long drive destination from Hyderabad. No wonder I have been there so many times on my motor-cycle! The right time to go there is just after the monsoons.

Greenland Hotel is a good place to eat. Very tasty and hygienic food, but very inexpensive.

The best place to stay (if you seek adventure and natural beauty more than luxury) is the APTDC cottage near the Ethipothala Waterfalls.

A few photos from different trips:

The first time Nagarjun Sagar appears in front of your eyes!
It is huge!
The Ethipothala Waterfalls is 16 kms from Nagarjun Sagar. The road signs are everywhere and hard to miss.
You can swim in the waters near the Launch Station

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