Chrome Packaged Apps in Ubuntu

Packaged apps for Google Chrome have opened infinite possibilities for the Linux desktop. As more and more developers create Chrome packaged apps, they will be available on Linux too, as opposed to native apps developed for Windows or Mac.

Packaged apps like Google+ photos, Cut the Rope, Any.DO, Exfm etc. behave just as native apps in Ubuntu, and aside from the installation procedure, absolutely nothing separate them from native apps (as far as an end user’s point of view is concerned). The icons of the installed packaged apps show up nicely in both the Ubuntu Dash and Launcher. They do not mix up with the main Chrome Icon, and most of them work offline too.

[Google+ Photos requires a trick to install.]

Some screenshots of Chrome packaged apps running on Ubuntu follow:

Screenshot from 2013-09-02 20:37:49
Google+ Photos app in Ubuntu
Screenshot from 2013-09-02 20:53:09
The highly popular Android todo app Any.DO is now available on (and syncs with) Ubuntu, thanks to the Chrome packaged app. It works offline too.
Screenshot from 2013-09-02 20:38:52
Cut the Rope packaged app does not require internet access.
Screenshot from 2013-09-02 20:53:38
Radio app Exfm

A list of available packaged apps (including the above), and links for installation are available in this post.


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