How to Configure BSNL Broadband on Ubuntu

This only applies to BSNL connections which use username – password. For others generally no configuration is required, everything is automatic.

1. (Left) Click on the network icon on the top panel and then choose “Edit Connections”
2. Move to the “DSL” tab and click “Add”
3. Fill in the details as in the following figure. Don’t forget to tick the check boxes.
4. Click save, enter your password if asked for, and you are done!

10 Comments Add yours

  1. karl says:

    i didn't get the thing connected

  2. Siva says:

    me too It is not connecting

  3. Harshvardhan says:

    thanks man….it was very useful piece of info and i have never got this info on any site…thanks againand also the answer for the above 2 comments is PLEASE RESTART YOUR COMPUTER AFTER THE PROCESS…..IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY START WORKING:-)

  4. surajbhai says:

    ya harshawardhan is rite

  5. Tariq says:

    Happy to help!

  6. kavish siva says:

    is there any other ideas plz post it down . its not connecting for my dell laptop .

  7. aneesh says:

    It is not connecting from my lap alsoDell inspiron 14R

  8. It was great help. I was groping on the dark after migrating to ubuntu from windows on my new desktop.I have another problem. Yahoomail is not opening in my browser. neither Flicker, Zoomin etc photographic websites are also not opening. If you have any ideas please help me. I am completely new to linux without any IT/software background and formal training.

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