Tagaini Jisho

I have talked about Rikaichan and Rikaikun in this blog before. But both of these are browser extensions, they can only be used when viewing a web page. What about a standalone dictionary which can be used offline? Enter Tagaini Jisho:

Tagaini Jisho in the Ubuntu Software Center
Tagaini Jisho in the Ubuntu Software Center (It is also available on Windows and Mac)

Tagaini Jisho is a powerful English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionary and kanji lookup tool. It also lets you mark and set aside words or kanjis which you have studied, or which you wish to study. But the best part of Tagaini Jisho is that it has stroke order animations for almost all kanjis.

Tagaini Jisho is free and open source software. It is available for Linux, Mac and WindozeWindows.

Tagaini Jisho is very powerful as a software, and therefore using those powerful tools can be a bit confusing sometimes. But the basic functions of looking up words and Kanjis are very easy. Detailed instructions on how to use it can be found here.

Downloads can be grabbed here!


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