The Samurai Archives

The Samurai Archives” is a website that “ deals with the military aspects of Old Japan, and as such devotes considerable space to the warriors themselves, along with descriptions of battles and various other ‘militant’ topics1.
 Screenshot from 2013-09-16 00:50:16
The layout of the website is a bit confusing. If you can’t figure out where to start, the featured articles page is a good starting point.
Head off to the article on “ The Teppou” and you’ll get a taste of the kind of things the website deals with.The article on “ The Rise of Buddhism in Politics and War” is also an interesting read.
I can’t believe that the articles are 100% authentic. As the creators of the website themselves say, “ Nonetheless, inevitably mistakes will be made or reprinted – readers are heartily encouraged to let us know!
1Quoted directly from the website’s “ Who We Are” page.

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